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The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™

The EBNMP™ was first formed as The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Inc., founded in 1998, to service the need of an ever growing demand for natural medicine health care in Ontario. The founding directors adopted the principles and model of the WHO sanctioned Medicina Alternativa Institute - Alma-Ata 1962 Accord.

In 2003, the founding directors established The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada, affectionately known as EBNMP™ Canada, a Not-for-Profit Corporation #4138929. As a result of this new Not-for-Profit Corporation, all other entities that would resemble or bear the name of EBNMP™ were closed. Furthermore, in order to safeguard the identity and services of our members, we established trademarked and protected titles. The World Board of Natural Medicine (WBNM) retains all trademark, certification mark, and other ownership rights and written permission must be obtained before usage.

Since 2008, EBNMP™ Canada has functioned as an Association for Natural Medicine Practitioners© who are identified by the WBNM titles. It maintains its high standards of professionalism and its mandate is to support and protect the practitioners.

The Regional Divisions adhere to strict guidelines on the standard of natural medicine practice as well as the use of World Board of Natural Medicine trademarked titles and designations. The structure of the EBNMP™ Canada Association is a committee comprised of the Chairman, the President, the Secretary General and Regional Directors who are tireless in their support of the natural medicine movement and are versed in provincial issues.

The EBNMP™ Canada Association registers members by the Province in which they practice and keeps a record of the same membership information as the official Registration document (WBNM Certificate). It is only valid as long as the WBNM registration is active. Renewal stickers are not needed for this certificate.

Why Should You Register

EBNMP™ Canada Association believes that the resurgence of interest in Natural Medicine should and will encounter close scrutiny from individuals in and outside of the profession of Natural Medicine. Some Natural Medicine Practitioners are still unregulated and this has led to a number of untrained individuals in the field of Natural Medicine. The public, for the most part, has no way of differentiating between trained or untrained Natural Medicine Practitioners. EBNMP™ Canada Association is seeking to create a greater awareness of professionalism, ethics, research and educational standards, to protect the public and to satisfy the growing need for an ever increasing, well-rounded health care system. EBNMP™ Canada Association believes that if we do not set standards for ourselves, OTHERS will set standards for us that are not in accordance with our philosophy and training as Natural Medicine Practitioners.

EBNMP™ Canada Association's qualified registrants must meet a specific standard of education to assure the public that they have met the educational, ethical and upgrading standards of a registering body to which they are accountable. EBNMP™ Canada Association does not represent any one particular Natural Health Profession; it is comprised of a multidisciplinary group whose members are Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Dentists, Holistic Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Nutritional Medicine Practitioners, Eastern Medicine Doctors and Lifestyle Management Practitioners.

Individuals interested in becoming registered must pass qualifying examinations prior to registration and must agree to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics as set out by EBNMP™ Canada Association.

EBNMP™ Canada Association Objectives

  • To develop and maintain standards of education and practice for Natural Medicine Practitioners© according to WHO Benchmarks for Training.

  • To promote Natural Medicine as a viable option for individuals in Canada, through affiliations and government regulations.

  • To adhere to and maintain a strict Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct for the protection and rights of the practitioner.

  • To maintain a registry of members who meet the standards for Natural Medicine practice, as determined by the WBNM or Government Regulations, as appropriate.

  • To support ongoing practitioner educate by circulating a newsletter, hosting a Natural Medicine Conference and encouraging research to further the development of Natural Medicine in Canada.

  • To foster co-operation between Natural Medicine Practitioners© and other Health Care Practitioners.

  • To work towards the establishment of a regulated College of Natural Medicine.


The profession of natural medicine is not new to Canada however the classification by which it is defined is still in a process of change. EBNMP™ Canada Association represents professionals of varying skills which all fall under the classification of Natural Medicine Practitioners and Therapists. EBNMP™ Canada Association has made the very first step in working towards the establishment of a regulated College by identifying the titles and developing the Scope of Practice under the Government of Canada’s Trademark Laws. In this way members can be recognized by various health Organizations, Insurances and Government agencies.


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