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Registered Ayurveda Practitioner RAP©

When conventional Healing methods fail to meet the criteria for Health and Longevity, people turn to Traditional Medicines, Healing methods and practices as Ayurveda, which are used in developing countries as primary healthcare and have now become popular in Canada.

Due to the unprecedented demand for accessibility to these Natural Healing sciences, ENMMP Canada™ is once again trending by setting the standard for Ayurveda and other traditional Systems of Natural Medicine.

In 2005, EBNMP Canada™ was the first organization to create the guideline for the safe and effective practice of Ayurveda in Canada, carefully adhering to the Benchmarks of The World Health Organization. Historically, we have registered Ayurveda Practitioners and issued the DNM® (specialty Ayurveda), Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® (specialty Ayurveda), Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® (specialty Ayurveda), and Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner® (specialty Ayurveda), with many Ayurvedic physicians and Vaidyas, both foreign and nationally trained, having professional practices to that effect.

We are now happy to announce our Registered Ayurveda Practitioner© (RAP©) designation.

Scope of Practice: Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner of Ayurveda®

The promotion of health and wellness by a multidisciplinary group of practitioners who utilize Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Therapies that make use of natural healing agents in the treatment of health conditions.

  • Metaphysics to include Eastern Meditative Arts and Nutrition therapy.
  • Physical Therapy to include Mobilization of Soft Tissue and Yoga.

Educational requirements:

Graduate of a diploma program of at least 2000 hours from an accredited Ayurveda Educational Institution.

Registration Requirements:

Scope of Practice: Registered Ayurveda Practitioner©

The assessment and treatment of emotional, mental and physical disorders using Traditional Medicine with it's non-invasive modalities to promote and restore health and wellness.

  • Eastern Medicine: comprises Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing. Ayurveda treatment is based on a constitutional model and utilizes proprietary medicine, provides guidance regarding dietary and lifestyle management, rehabilitative exercises, procedures and techniques.
  • Energy Medicine & Healing: the study and use of Metaphysical Healing.
  • Nutritional, Botanical & Lifestyle Medicine: The use of specific diets and nutritional supplementation to prevent disease or re-establish and harmonize body chemistry. Botanical and Herbal Remedies are used for their balancing and nutritional value. Through nutritional coaching, clients are also educated and supported in areas of environmental factors that affect their health.
  • Physical Medicine: Therapeutic mobilization of soft tissue and Rehabilitative exercises. Health coaching practices are also utilized including Yoga, Nadi Vigyan and other types of therapies.

Educational requirements:

Graduate of a diploma program of at least 3000 hours from an accredited Ayurveda Educational Institution.

Registration Requirements:

Please Note:

The Registered Ayurveda Practitioner© does not require additional city municipality licensing as they are fully trained to operate independently with their own clientele and meet the standard of professional practice and level of proficiency which is equal to our DNM® standard. However, they must hold current Malpractice Insurance (E & O), comply with yearly CEU requirements and adhere to the criteria of professional membership.

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