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Doctorate of Natural Medicine®, Natural Medicine Practitioner©

A multi-disciplinary group of practitioners who make use of natural healing agents and therapies in the treatment of health conditions such as acupressure, reflexopathy, hydrotherapy, herbal medicines, biochemical therapy, clinical nutrition, electro-homeopathic remedies, counseling & energy therapy.

All EBNMP Canada Association DNM® members  adhere to the World Health Organization's Benchmarks for Training in Traditional / Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Scope of Practice:

The assessment and treatment of emotional, mental and physical disorders using non-invasive modalities to promote and restore health and wellness. Please Note: Materia Medica, Minor Surgery and Christian Science is not included.

The Scope of DNM® falls within the following modalities of Treatment:

  • Eastern Medicine: comprises Traditional Oriental Medicines, Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing. Ayurveda treatment is based on a constitutional model and utilizes proprietary medicine, provides guidance regarding dietary and lifestyle management, rehabilitative exercises and procedures. Traditional Oriental Medicine practitioners who engage in Acupuncture must be licensed by their Province or State.
  • Electro-homeopathy: Micro-doses of natural substances aimed at stimulating the self-healing response without side effects and could include the science of Anti-Homotoxic Therapy, Biochemical Therapy and Biopuncture* (Homeopuncture & Immunological Stimulants). *not to include injections 
  • Energy Medicine & Healing: the study and use of subtle energies. Energy Medicine includes Biofield Healing (Qigong, Reiki, Breath work, Colour Therapy & Therapeutic Touch). Energy Healing includes Light, Sound, Radiation, Electromagnetic, Polarity & Metaphysics.
  • Nutritional, Botanical & Lifestyle Medicine: The use of specific diets and nutritional supplementation to prevent disease or re-establish and harmonize body chemistry. Botanical and Herbal Remedies are used for their balancing and nutritional value. Through nutritional counseling, clients are educated and supported about environmental factors that affect their health. 
  • Physical Medicine: Therapeutic mobilization of soft tissue, Rehabilitative exercises, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound, Cryotherapy. Physical coaching practices are also utilized including Pilates, Kinesiology and other types of physical education therapies.

The following modalities are within the Scope of Practice for a DNM®. This list may be updated at anytime. Please check back for updates. 

AE / BIE / NAET Anti-Homotoxic Therapy Ayurveda
Biochemical Therapy Biopuncture * Chromotherapy
Counselling Darkfield Microscopy Diet Therapy
Eastern Meditative Arts Electro-Homeopathy Electrotherapy
Energy Healing Heliotherapy Herbology
Hydrotherapy Ionic Foot Bath Iridology
Journey Kinesiology Lifestyle Coaching
Metaphysics Nutritional Supplementation Physical Therapy
Phytotherapy Polarity Therapy Proprietary Medicine
Public Health Reflexopathy Rehabilitative Exercise
Shamanism Shiatsu / Acupressure Therapeutic Touch
Touch For Health
* Related to Acupuncture needling technique

Educational requirements:

Historically, Natural Medicine Practitioners© learned through apprenticeship, observation & internship, and established themselves as “Traditional or Barefoot Doctors” who only used natural techniques and remedies for the treatment of human ailments.

Currently, the educational standards defined by the Science of Natural Medicine requires Practitioners to have formal education in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology and Public Health along with the modalities of Nutrition and Diet, Herbal and Botanical, Electro-homeopathy, Physical, Eastern and Energy Medicine, Lifestyle Counseling and Stress Management.

Standards of Membership DNM®:

In order to become registered with the World Board of Natural Medicine (WBNM) and entered into the Natural Medicine Certification Registry of EBNMP™ Canada Association, a practitioner may qualify under ONE of the following categories:

Category A - Trained Natural Medicine Practitioners:

  • National or International Graduates with 4400 hrs (minimum) of training and clinical practice in Natural Medicine.
  • Includes but is not limited to Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Eastern Medicine Doctors (Ayurved, Oriental, Indo-Pak), Traditional Healers and Alternative Medicine Doctors.

Category B - Western Trained Medical Professionals:

  • Minimum of 2000 hrs of training and experience in Natural Medicine Modalities as a complement to conventional treatment.
  • Includes but is not limited to Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Osteopaths, Orthomolecular Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners.

Registration Requirements for all categories:

  • Potential registrant is required to submit proof of education and clinical internship.
  • Potential Registrant must pass a challenge examination in order to be registered.
  • Natural Medicine Practitioners who are Doctors of other regulated health care professions must show proof of license to practice in their primary field.
  • Click here for further instructions

EBNMP™ Canada Association strongly adheres to the principle that DNM®s are not "Allopathic Medical Doctors", but they are trained to recognize conditions that are beyond their Scope of Practice and must refer clients to an "Allopathic Medical Doctor" or other appropriate healthcare practitioner when necessary.


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